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Spring cleaning 'endure-ance' challenge

Spring cleaning ‘endure-ance’ challenge

Endure latches onto cleaning season to power home enviro message

The Brief

Product: Endure, a reusable static-powered dust cloth.

Description: This product is almost identical to the disposable dust cloths designed for Swiffers, but it can be rinsed out and reused up to 10 times.

Target: Primarily budget-conscious women, ages 25 to 50.

Timeline: Regional rollout will hit Toronto in one month, then Vancouver and Montreal the month after that.

Assignment: To distribute free samples and get the word out to buyers of household cleaning products that there’s a new, more economical – and environmentally friendly – alternative to disposable static cloths on the market.

The campaign


Generating buzz for the launch of Endure and providing opportunities for its target to experience the product are key elements of the program. Based on these objectives, the strategies for this launch will be to:

* Leverage strategic partnerships to reach Endure’s target market with opportunities to experience the brand.

* Leverage the credibility of third-party spokespeople to deliver program messages.

* Implement high-visibility initiatives to generate coverage.

* Time-program activities to maximize opportunities.

* Localize activities to maximize opportunities.


Launch program: The Spring Cleaning ‘Endure-ance’ Challenge

* Partner with a leading furniture retailer (The Brick, Leon’s) and with radio stations that reach the target demographic in each market to publicize the Spring Cleaning ‘Endure-ance’ Challenge event.

* Listeners are invited to the retailer on a Saturday morning to compete to see who does the fastest and best job dusting in-store furniture, using just one Endure cloth.

* Contest is judged by radio station personalities; prizes include a new living room/dining room furniture set and year’s supply of Endure.

* Radio remotes run all day from the retailer; free samples of Endure are distributed with every purchase that month.

Sampling Program: ‘Endure-ance’ Team

* The ‘Endure-ance’ team of high-energy young people, dressed in Endure-branded athletic wear, sample the product at high-traffic locations such as grocery stores and shopping malls on Saturdays.

* The team demonstrates Endure (rinsing and re-using) and distributes free samples and coupons to shoppers.

* Giant piggy-bank filled with coins is on display to visually demonstrate how much money can be saved with each re-use of Endure (the money is donated to a local environmental group focused on waste reduction).

Photo opportunities

* The ‘Endure-ance’ teams in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver co-ordinate efforts to join local schools and environmental associations to help beautify their respective cities.

* One day is chosen for a citywide spring cleaning blitz, helping to dust and polish local monuments and statues using Endure.

* Supported with media relations efforts to raise pre-event and event coverage; materials highlight financial and environmental savings using Endure vs. other disposable cloths.

Media relations support

* Comprehensive media information kit with a spring cleaning theme is developed and distributed to lifestyle/home/consumer reporters at print and broadcast outlets.

* Media materials provide a cost/benefit analysis of using Endure vs. other disposable dust cloths (money saved, waste reduction).

* Materials also quote a leading home economist on savings realized through use of Endure, how to cut down on dust in your home, health benefits of a dust-free home.

* Spokesperson media tour in major markets provides regional coverage.

* Camera-ready matte story highlighting cost-effective ways to reduce dust in your home, and health benefits of doing so, is distributed to weekly and community newspapers.

Lisa Bednarski is practice manager, consumer marketing practice, at Toronto’s Cohn & Wolfe, an international public relations firm providing business results and creative communications solutions. She can be reached at: