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Kiosk for personalized retailing unveiled

Kiosk for personalized retailing unveiled

A joint venture to provide the customer with product info and the retailer with consumer insight, has been formed by Brampton, Ont.-based customer integration company, Future Strategies, and Toronto-based provider of interactive retail systems, InStoreActive Technologies. Via an advanced kiosk-based service, the relationship and retention system, called The Customer’s Mind InStore Active, uses touch technology.

Toyota employs Web-based marketing tool

A new one-to-one marketing software program has been launched, enabling manufacturers and dealers to deliver personalized, marketing applications to their potential and existing customer base next day. Launched by Toronto-based Proactive Communication Solutions, the softwarecalled SalesTools is now being used by Toyota/Lexus to deliver between four and six targeted e-mail applications per year to individual customers at around 1,500 dealerships. SalesTools runs on a Web-based infrastructure that allows manufacturers, dealers, reps and customers to publish their products directly to the print/mailing facility.

Micro marketing system released

A market analysis and segmentation software for marketers has been launched by Toronto-based Generation 5. G5 Portfolio enables marketers to create and analyze in-depth profiles of their customers, and then search markets, trade areas or other geographies for more of them. It is comprised of the following databases: Allocate (which produces demographic, expenditure and lifestyle reports) and Solocast (which profiles customers, products and markets and performs detailed analysis to produce segmentation, market potential and customer penetration reports).