The Shows – Other U.S. shows of note

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

The New VR/The New VI, Wednesdays 8-9 pm Space, Tuesdays 9-10 pm/WB

the story: Set in a crime-ridden New Gotham, the ongoing saga of Catwoman and Batman’s supposed offspring. Which brings up the age-old question of what one gets when you mix a bat and a cat. I can’t tell you but I have a sneaking suspicion that one may be living under my fridge in New York. Basically, a bunch of leather-clad hotties fight crime with push-up bras and sexy winks.

the cast: Ashley Scott (Dark Angel), Dina Meyer (Beverly Hills 90210)

the verdict: Based on the popular DC Comic, this one will not fail to appeal to the large numbers who like to escape into fantasyland. Then again, if Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing escapes into any more left-leaning Democratic wet dreams than it has, Birds might well get one extra viewer on Wednesday nights.

the backing: Nice-looking cast, hard to imagine that the WB could go too wrong on this one. If Charmed is any indication of what the kids like these days, then they will back this as well. It’s not like they are inventing the wheel here.

What I like About You

WB, Fridays 8-8:30 pm

YTV, Fridays (time TBA)

the story: Two sisters bunk in together when dad takes a job in Japan (Japan?). The result is that the older sister’s ordered life is thrown out of whack by the younger one’s penchant for troublemaking in the heady bright lights, big city of New York.

the cast: Amanda Bynes (All That, The Amanda Show), Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills 90210)

the verdict: Jennie, where have you been, girlfriend? We miss you at the Peach Pit, but are happy that you and Amanda have teamed up for a romp through the Upper West Side. It will be cute, it will be cuddly, and it sounds sort of appealing in a sophomoric sort of way. The kids will gather for this one armed with buckets of ice cream and marijuana brownies baking in the oven before heading out to the local sock hop Friday nights.

the backing: If the WB has any sense it will back this up with an ensemble cast of bimbos and bombos that college kids can relate to, but my advice doesn’t really count.


The New VR/The New VI, Tuesdays 9-10 pm

Space, Mondays 9-10 pm/UPN

the story: A private eye’s life is changed forever when he has a near-death experience resulting in his being haunted by lost souls.

the cast: Matthew Fox (Party of Five)

the verdict: I’ve had more than a few near-death experiences and have known a lost soul or two in my short time on this planet. Yet for some strange reason I’m never a privileged observer of the hereafter nor a witness to the beyond. What gives?

the backing: Supernatural spin is a sure-fire way to attract the odd loonie or two. With The X-Files gone, what else will all those people turn to?

The Twilight Zone

The New VR/The New VI, Wednesdays 9-10 pm Space, Sundays 7-8 pm/UPN

the story: A modernized incarnation of the original series by Rod Serling. Each episode features known actors playing ordinary folks who experience the perilous worlds of the Twilight Zone.

the cast: Forest Whitaker (Panic Room, Good Morning Vietnam)

the verdict: Whitaker is very strong. The original was bed-wettingly scary. If this lives up to its name, it will definitely be the best thing to happen to UPN in its short history. Promote the development executive who thought of this one immediately!

the backing: UPN will throw considerable weight behind this.