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Ikea ad bewildering

Ikea ad bewildering

Seen their new ad? ‘You’re not invited to our sale if you make more than $200K because you can afford to buy at regular price’?

Can you imagine the strategy session that prompts a retailer to publicly exclude high-income, high-spending consumers from its target group? What happens at the Ikea store? Do cashiers call security when customers flash platinum Amex cards? Do parking lot attendants turn away Land Rovers?

And what about me, comfortably within their income requirements? Should I be depressed that I can still shop there without fear?

No, dammit, I’m going take a ‘half-full’ view and use the ad as an excuse to expand my list of ‘somedays,’ as in: Someday I want to, 1. own a cottage on Lake Joseph 2. hold courtside season’s tickets for the Raptors 3. have a drawer full of custom-tailored silk undies, and 4. get thrown out of an Ikea sale for being too affluent.

Bob Collins

Director, Customer Insights Group

Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Toronto, Ont.

That’s an X on W

I just opened up the latest issue of Strategy this morning. I always await your publication because it brims with great ideas and wonderful, yet enlightening, criticisms.

Imagine my interest as I looked down at my latest edition that has come wrapped in an ad for the W Network.

Imagine my dismay as I read the tagline, ‘If your target is women, your network is W,’ and see two ‘bull’s-eye’ targets with Ws in the centres, staring back at me.

Is that supposed to be some subliminal message about breasts?!? Am I supposed to identify with those images?!?

After reading Bob Wood’s (senior writer, PJDDB, Edmonton) rant a few pages after I’d picked my jaw off the floor, I realized he’s absolutely right.

Smarten up ZigZag! Unfortunately, I am a female in your demo, but boy (pardon the pun!), did you miss the mark on this one. And boo to Corus for endorsing it.

So I guess the man channel will feature an elephant’s face on its next ad???

Susan Erjavec

PR/Communications Consultant

Winnipeg, Man.

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