For the Record

America Online has signed up for the wireless toy technology recently introduced by Dulles, VA.-based United Internet Technologies (UIT).

Book addresses privacy regs

‘Following fair information practices does not preclude collecting customer data,’ is just one of the messages stressed by Ontario privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian, in her new book The Privacy Payoff, co-authored with Toronto Star reporter Tyler Hamilton. The book, which addresses allegations that the cost of complying with national and international privacy regulations (particularly in the online space) will lead to financial ruin, is aimed at businesses.

Arc Marketing born

The database marketing division of Bensimon*Byrne D’Arcy, Clarion Direct, has re-launched as Arc Marketing in Toronto it’s part of a global strategy to unite all the ‘below-the-line marketing companies’ of D’Arcy Marketing Services Group, a division of D’Arcy’s global communications network and member of Bcom3 Group.

Internet scam crackdown

Last month, Ontario’s minister of consumer and business services, Tim Hudak, announced the launch of a campaign to crack down on Internet scam sites. According to a release, ‘Ministry investigators are surfing the Net on the lookout for scams,’ and have already identified 18 Web sites considered to make questionable or exaggerated claims about products or services. A consumer resource Web site has also been set up on the Ministry’s site.