Creative: Budget Under $100,000 (Tie)

GOLD (tie)

GOLD (tie)

Client: McDonnell Haynes Advertising, Toronto

Campaign: New Business Prospecting

Agency: In-house

Creative Directors: John McDonnell and Phil Haynes

Copywriter: John Ellis

Art Director: Janice Ivory-Smith

Account Management: Daniel G. Wiest

Production: Joe Nunnaro

Project Management: Dean L.N. Munroe

Despite its history of successful new product and service launches, McDonnell Haynes remained a relatively low-profile agency, with its business having been built primarily on referrals from existing clients. However, the agency’s new business plan called for aggressive expansion, and it was clear that a formal prospecting plan was needed.

A program was launched to increase awareness of the agency’s services and to allow the agency to complete a number of new business presentations.

The target audience was comprised of companies that have significant marketing/advertising budgets, are headquartered in Toronto, are non-competitive with the agency’s existing clients and are leading/recognized brands in their categories.

The company knew the targets (VPs of advertising and marketing) were busy and that it would be difficult to get a prospecting piece past their gatekeeper. The package was delivered by messenger in a shipping box and required a signature. The prospecting piece itself rested in a personalized wire mesh in-basket, bearing the recipient’s name and the creative concept addressed the complexity of the executives’ jobs.

The recipients could mail back their business cards (in the stamped BRE) to receive a desk accessory to match the personalized in-basket; they could visit a personalized Web site for more information; and they could call McDonnell Haynes’ VP direct & interactive for a free business-building idea meeting.

GOLD (tie)

Client: Maytag Canada – Jenn-Air Division, Burlington, Ont.

Campaign: Turning Up the Heat

Agency: iLeo – A Leo Burnett Company, Toronto

Creative Director: Shirley Ward-Taggart

Copywriter: Len Preskow

Art Director: Bonnie Journeau

Photography: Jenn-Air images and Dieter Hessel

Director (print): Gladys Bachand

Print Producer: Anne Peck

The luxury appliance market is increasingly competitive, with many U.S., European and Far East brands fighting for dealer attention and listing. Faced with this growing onslaught, last spring saw Maytag implement a major sales and marketing renovation of its high-end appliance brand, Jenn-Air.

Key to this was the decision to remodel the entire Jenn-Air dealer network by moving to a much leaner and focused network of around 100 dealers nationally. Maytag opted to target an exclusive list, chosen mainly for their prior record as best-performing Jenn-Air dealers. The goal? Get 100% of these dealers to sign on to the new Jenn-Air preferred dealer network.

At the same time, a comprehensive program to both raise consumer awareness and offer dealers new levels of support was initiated. Designed to encourage a refocus on the brand and make Jenn-Air a favourite easy sell, it included an increased advertising spend, innovative co-op and in-store materials, working kitchen displays, incentives and enhanced training.

The re-launch camapaign was designed to create awareness and excitement and motive everyone to sign on. Driven by the line ‘Jenn-Air. Turning Up the Heat,’ the creative elements reflected the high-end look and feel of the brand. Initially, two teaser mailings with custom premiums (meat thermometer and pot holder) were mailed to prospective dealers. Both carried an intriguing ‘Something HOT is happening’ message.

Next, senior Jenn-Air sales executives hand delivered a special Jenn-Air presentation portfolio to targeted dealers. Used in high-level, face-to-face presentations, the portfolios featured an involving ‘Turning Up the Heat’ opening device and included a silver pen to encourage immediate signing of an enclosed dealer contract. A special invitation brought the ‘Turning Up the Heat’ concept uniquely to life via a gas cooktop burner visual that ‘ignited’ when the card was opened.

The compelling creative contributed to the program delivering a 127% response rate, attracting dealers who were not even part of the initial list.


Toronto Raptors, Toronto, for the ’2001/02 Season Ticket’ package, developed by Art & Soul Design, Toronto