Direct Response: Direct Response Television (DRTV)



Client: Bell Sympatico High Speed Internet Service, Toronto

Campaign: High Speed Q1

Agency: Blitz

Creative Directors: Allen Schopp and Roehl Sanchez

Copywriter: Allen Schopp

Art Director: Roehl Sanchez

Director (broadcast): Mark Storey

Agency Producer (broadcast): Colleen Floyd

With cable companies aggressively marketing and continuing to dominate the high-speed Internet market in Ontario in January 2002, Bell Sympatico High Speed rolled out its second major campaign. Hoping to leverage the success of the first and continue to build on the momentum of more aggressive messaging (that high speed through the phone line is the more reliable Internet service), the new campaign targeted 18- to 34-year-old urbanites wanting to go faster online.

With the objective of stepping up market share and strengthening its overall positioning, as well as increasing acquisition and awareness, Bell launched a DRTV campaign to help consumers understand the differences between cable and phone Internet access.

Targeted (computer) magazine ads supported the program. In addition to addressed direct mail, Bell also ranked the highest potential FSAs within the serviceable area and used media vehicles that had the potential to target those, including unaddressed mail and newspaper FSIs. Each media vehicle was tracked via a separate 1-800 number resulting in over 100 numbers in the market during the campaign period.

The 30- and 60-second TV/DRTV spots catered to the campaign period (hockey season) while maintaining the ‘always fast, never shared’ platform. The print creative continued to use visuals depicting objects reflecting faster speeds with dedicated access: a train track that was shared vs. a train running faster on its own track.

The campaign was the most successful in terms of superceding set client objectives – three out of every five new customers to high-speed Internet chose Sympatico High Speed over the competition.


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