Resource Partners’ Innovation: Enabling Technologies (Tie)



Company: Innovative Graphics, Toronto

Campaign: High Response TechnologyTM

Innovative’s format finder enables breakthroughs & boosts effectiveness

When it comes to creating new direct mail campaigns, many direct marketers are constrained by tight budgets or locked within a standard price-per-thousand mind-set. And yet, nearly all seek breakthrough efforts that will boost response rates and achieve greater profits.

Usually, the one obstacle that stands in their way is a lack of alternatives or knowledge of new formats. In an effort to provide just that, Innovative Graphics established its eight-step process for identifying new formats, creative approaches and combinations of production technologies to achieve higher response rates in direct mail.

Called High Response Technology, the process consists of: HRT research, The Knowledge Transfer Commitment, The Program Developer, The Technology Search, The Research Report, The Productions Checklist, The Production Cycle and finally, Analysis.

Successful applications of the HRT process include: Bell’s ‘Decoder’ mail/Web campaign; Sears’ ‘Break The Bank’ break-apart pouch insert; and the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s grommetless ‘Cheese Wheel.’

High Response Technology is an ‘enabler’ – it helps clients think outside the box, in a cross-disciplinary way, to come up with new ideas that can be developed and produced in a shorter time frame, and in a more cost-effective manner, utilizing new technology.


Company: PLM Group, Markham, Ont.

Campaign: E-Boss

PLM’s eBoss revolutionizes customer service with digital innovation

The digitization of PLM Group’s workflows and communications tools is a key strategic focus for the company, taking it far beyond the status of supplier to true solutions provider.

PLM Connexxions eBoss (electronic bundle of services software) is designed to revolutionize customer service through an automated digital environment that provides customers with the latest in online applications.

Through its in-house Internet service provider, PLM has built proprietary Web-based solutions for inventory management and order entry that enables print-based fulfilment solutions.

For example, a custom client interface enables a customer to enter, process and track an order through to delivery and confirmation. Taking full advantage of the latest developments in technology, it also uses PDF files to move files across multiple platforms and to deliver process innovations such as remote proofing.

With ‘In-touch,’ a wireless communications solution, PLM developed an Internet-based communications tool to enhance customer communications, allowing for instantaneous project updates. Through this real-time tool, creative project management and production personnel on the client side can remain in constant contact with their counterparts at PLM – accessing critical job information without leaving their homes, vehicles or offices.

The company’s ability to interface with and accommodate the special requirements of e-procurement models allows customers to make an easy transition to outsourcing.

PLM’s Connexxions eBoss platform has been used to create several applications including: The Goodyear Dealer Table Database, The Shoppers Drug Mart Streamline-Online Application and Coca-Cola’s P-O-P Order Entry System.