Student Award – Creative



School: Mohawk College

Students: Lisa Kudrenski, Angela Gina Pirrera, Ian Martin, Peter Kalogros

Instructor: Tracy Marsh

The hypothetical client for whom students created a direct marketing campaign was music/CD distributor, Home Music Canada. The offer: Twelve CDs for a dime, when the consumer agrees to purchase 10 more CDs over two years. This winning entry included a teaser postcard, a fold-out envelope, a short and to-the-point letter, a reply card and a dynamic, instant-reply mini CD-ROM. Vibrant blue graphics appear throughout the campaign, including stacks of cyan-coloured dimes to illustrate the tag/teaser: ‘What can you get for a Dime?’


School: Algonquin College

Students: Sonia Girard, Jason Dubue and Robin Baldwin

Instructor: Robyn Heaton


School: Humber College

Students: Rachel Abrams

Instructor: Jane Bongers