Top 5 product integration deals

Ma Maison Rona

Ma Maison Rona

‘The French show – not its English cousin on Global – it’s the only show with a broadcaster name in the title to be a consistent top-10 ratings smash in its market.’ Jeff Spriet, president, Chokolat, Toronto

Broadcaster: TVA Prodco: Zone Trois

House & Home

‘[Hostess] Lynda Reeves pitches Home Depot on the show. It’s very effective because most people who watch are meat and potato types – they’re looking for someone to direct them.’ Sylvia Criger, managing partner, MBS, Toronto

Broadcaster: HGTV Prodco: H&H Productions


‘One of the teen show’s characters started working at McDonald’s. It was very realistic (even with a little mockery from friends) and contributed well to the storyline, through various episodes. Not contrived.’ Jacques Labelle, managing partner, creative, Ricochet Branded Content, Montreal

Broadcaster: Radio-Canada Prodco: Vivavision

Loft Story

‘The Nicorette Loft Challenge [in Quebec] took product integration to the next level. The TV cast used the product on-air and viewers were able to participate through a Web-based promotion.’ Sylvia Criger, MBS, Toronto

Broadcaster: TQS Prodco: Guy Cloutier Communications

The Apprentice

‘In my view, it’s the perfect blend of entertainment, context and branding, plus wonderful self-promotion [for The Donald]. It’s absolutely perfect.’ Steve Moraska, SVP director of business development, Starcom Toronto

Broadcaster: NBC Prodco: Mark Burnett Productions/Trump Productions