Top 5 most trusted brands

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

‘You go into any Tim’s and you’ll get a great cup of coffee and reasonably priced food, all made on premises. They’re an example of someone who delivers what they promise and that’s why they are so bloody successful.’

Peter Francey, president, Spencer Francey Peters, Toronto


‘It’s not 100% Canadian but we certainly think of it as our own. And every Saturday night we trust the NHL to deliver the Canadian dream. It’s honest, hard-working, unpretentious entertainment – as Canadian as it gets. All this squabbling about money, however, is very un-Canadian. It’ll be interesting to see if the NHL can withstand the damage done to consumer trust.’

Tim Kavander, SVP/co-CD, Arnold Advertising, Toronto


‘It’s not only financially responsible, but socially and environmentally responsible. It takes care of the community through ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ programs, as well as a donation fund that gives back to the communities in which it operates.’

Nina Ng, director of brand marketing, Formation SD, Vancouver


‘I would have to say Roots. They made us look good at the Olympics. So good, in fact, that other countries now get their Olympic wear from this Canadian company.’

Judy John, managing partner, CCO, Leo Burnett, Toronto

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)

‘MEC has a brand ‘soul’ – it backs up its rock steady values of continual learning, environmental protection and pursuit of adventure. Whether you’re a Starbucks mom, Gore-Tex junkie or grunge urbanite, MEC represents a world-class retail experience, an urban escape and a conscience-elevating brush with what all Canadian businesses can aspire to be.’

Sean Moffitt, president, Agent Wildfire Strategy & Communications, Toronto