Top Creative Director – Alan Russell, DDB Vancouver

What single campaign in the past year most contributed to making you one of the top people in your field?

What single campaign in the past year most contributed to making you one of the top people in your field?

B.C. SPCA Pet Adoption television and cinema. It scored higher than the Grand Prix at Cannes (but was ineligible for that honour as a PSA) and was recently named in UK-based Campaign’s Top 10 of International Commercials.

Where did the idea for that campaign come from?

Paul Little and Lara Palmer, the creative team. When I asked them where it came from, they said ‘God.’ I believe it was the simple insight that people treat their pets with huge affection, but in a manner they couldn’t possibly do with humans.

What industry issue keeps you up at night?

I read about a study once which claimed people lose sleep over events that never happen, and that when something disastrous does happen, people don’t see it coming. Which kinda says people spend about the right amount of time worrying but totally about the wrong things. Trying to predict where the agency’s next ‘big idea campaign’ is going to come from is often good for a 3 a.m. stare at the ceiling.

4. What do you want your legacy to be?

‘He and his creative teams helped put DDB Canada on the international stage, plus, at the end of the day, he didn’t end up like David Brent (The Office) out on the street wearing a giant emu costume.’


Carlos Moreno Downtown Partners 214

Dave Douglass Taxi 212

Dean Lee DDB, Vancouver 208

Lara Palmer DDB, Vancouver 195

Daryl Gardiner DDB, Vancouver 123

Ian Grais Rethink 95

Simon Duffy TBWA, Toronto 88

Marketa Krivy DDB, Toronto 83

Rob Sweetman Rethink 79

Peter Ignazi Downtown Partners 74

Christina Yu Taxi 73

Shawn King Extreme Group, NS 63

Hylton Mann Rethink 52

Rose Sauquillo Taxi 52

Cosmo Campbell DDB, Vancouver 45

Jean-Francois Bernier BOS 43

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Mark Bovey DDB, Vancouver 40

William Hammond Rethink 37

Daniel Vendramin Downtown Partners 32

Dan Pawych Downtown Partners 30

Mark Hesse Rethink 30

Simon Beaudry BOS 30

Daniel Andreani Diesel, Montreal 26

Sue Boivin TBWA, Toronto 25

Tyler Serr Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto 25

Eva Van Den Bulcke Diesel, Montreal 23

Fred Roberts Cundari Integrated 23

Stephen Leps Zig 23

Paul Wallace DDB, Toronto 22

Stephane Gaulin Marketel 22

Chad Kabigting Holmes & Lee 21

Joe Piccolo FCB, Toronto 20

Kris Manchester Diesel, Montreal 20

Mike Meadus MacLaren McCann, Vancouver 20

Kelsey Horne MacLaren McCann, Vancouver 18

Martin Kann TBWA, Vancouver 18

Mark Bell MacClaren McCann, Vancouver 17

Matt Bielby Grey 17

Nicolas Quintal BBDO, Montreal 17

Sam Cerullo Grey 17

Lisa Chen-Wing Flavour 16

Patrick Chaubet BBDO, Montreal 15

Alexandre Beliveau Bos 14

Anik Ouellet Palm Publicite 13

Martin Cinq-Mars Lg2 13

Shawn James Arnold Worldwide, Toronto 13

Brian MacDonald Leo Burnett, Toronto 12

Gints Buveris FCB, Toronto 12

Jean Hudon Cossette, Montreal 12

Lysa Petraccone Lg2 12

Mark Francolini Publicis, Toronto 12

Niall Kelly FCB, Toronto 12

Paul Riss Publicis, Toronto 12

Shelly Weinreb DDB, Toronto 12

Cheryl Kaplan Grey 11

David Lee Diesel, Montreal 11

Larry Ioannou FCB, Toronto 11

Yann Mooney Diesel, Montreal 11

Adam Pickard MacLaren McCann, Vancouver 10

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Alex Beim DDB, Vancouver 8

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Chris Harrison BBDO, Toronto 7

Daniel Poirier Palm Publicite 7

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Sylvain Allaire Cossette, Montreal 7

Andrew Hart GJP 6

Bart Batchelor TBWA, Vancouver 6

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Greg Gray FCB, Toronto 6

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John Roberton Allard Johnson, Toronto 6

Mark Lewis BBDO, Toronto 6

Nick Burton FCB, Toronto 6

Steph Mackie doug 6

Todd Cornelius BBDO, Toronto 6