Top Copywriter – Peter Ignazi, Downtown Partners (now at Amalgamated in New York)

What single Canadian campaign in the past year most contributed to

What single Canadian campaign in the past year most contributed to

making you the top guy in your field?

The Bud Light ad we did called ‘Cuppa.’ This was a nice extension to the existing campaign and it really hit a chord with the target. The actor who played the lead character, ‘Johnson,’ was even flown to Calgary by a bar owner to attend a ‘Johnson’ party, interviewed by a local radio station and taken to the Saddledome for a Stanley Cup final game. It was the type of cultural branding clients dream of.

Where did the idea for that campaign come from?

A friend who would always be late for work. He would call a colleague and get her to light a cigarette and place it in the ashtray on his desk. We substituted the cigarette for a more socially acceptable cup of coffee (fair trade coffee, of course).

What industry issue keeps you up at night?

Between George Bush, global warming and my hypochondria, my ‘up at night’ dance card is pretty much full.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I would love to leave something sentimental. My collection of silver spoons from 48 states would be wonderful. Or perhaps my samovar. Ranking

Peter Ignazi Downtown 252

James Lee DDB, Vancouver 210

Pete Breton Taxi 206

Paul Little DDB, Vancouver 142

Rob Tarry Rethink 123

Simon Creet TBWA 88

Ben Weinberg DDB, Toronto 87

Kevin Rathgeber DDB, Vancouver 86

David Kolbusz TBWA 85

Joseph Bonnici DDB, Vacouver 83

Andy Linardatos Rethink 66

Shelly Dwyer Extreme Group, NS 63

Carlos Moreno Downtown 62

Andrew Simon DDB, Toronto 52

Jonathan Careless, formerly Taxi 49

Avtar Takel Taxi 46

Marc Fabien Bos 42

Terry Drummond Taxi 40

Donna McCarthy Target 38

Michael Mayes Taxi 35

Patrick Scissons Young & Rubicam, Toronto 35

Drew Frohman Downtown 34

Ian Grais Rethink 34

Jane Murray Taxi 34

Darren Clarke Downtown 32

Hagan Ainsworth MacLaren McCann, Vancouver 29

Heather Vincent Rethink 28

David Ross DDB, Toronto 27

Greg Gray FCB, Toronto 26

Katie Ainsworth TBWA, Toronto 25

Wade Hesson MacLaren McCann, Toronto 25

Philippe Comeau Diesel 24

Aaron Starkman Zig 23

Hylton Mann Rethink 23

Jenny Smith Target 23

Linda Dawe Marketel 22

Louis-Thomas Pelletier Diesel 21

Malcom Roberts J Walter Thompson 21

Paul Wales Enterprise Advertising 21

Shane Ogilvie Holmes & Lee 21

Paul Janzen TBWA, Vancouver 20

Andre Paradis Bos 19

Kelsey Horne MacLaren McCann, Calgary 19

Mike Meadus MacLaren McCann, Calgary 19

Dan King Highwood Communications 17

Kira Procter Taxi 17

Martin Rivard BBDO, Montreal 17

Matt Bielby Grey 17

Gaetan Namouric Bleu Blanc Rouge 16

Lisa Chen-Wing Flavour 16

Marc Fortin Cossette, Montreal 16

Steve Gardner Pirate Radio 16

Tom Goudie Pirate Radio 16

Andre Marois Diesel 15

Stephane Charier BBDO, Montreal 15

Felix Legare Bos 14

Josh Rachlis Leo Burnett 14

Richard Nadeau Bos 14

Sam Cerulo Grey 14

Pat Pirisi TBWA, Toronto/Publicis, Toronto 13

Geoff Morgan FCB, Toronto 12

Irfan Khan GJP 12

Kim Gillis Bryant Fulton & Shee 12

Matt Antonello Publicis, Toronto 12

Matt Fraracci FCB, Toronto 12

Sebastien Wilcox DeWitt Somers 12

David Mueller Arnold Worldwide, Toronto 11

Ian Kier Downtown 11

Jordan Doucette Grey 11

Julie Desrochers Palm Publicite 11

Martin Villeneuve Diesel 11

Steve Williams Highwood Communications 11

Tony Babinski Diesel 11

Alex Bernier Diesel 10

Andrew Shaddick Enterprise Advertising 10

Bob Simpson MacLaren McCann, Vancouver 10

Craig McIntosh BBDO, Toronto 10

David Daga Publicis, Toronto 10

Don Saynor J Walter Thompson 10

Francois Sauve Lg2 10

Gary Watson MacLaren McCann, Toronto 10

Gerald Kugler Lowe Roche 10

Howard Schrier Diesel 10

Jason Buback J Walter Thompson 10

Marc Coulombe Lg2 10

Christian Desrosiers Allard Johnson, Montreal 9

Ian MacKellar BBDO, Toronto 9

Martin Bernier Cossette, Montreal 9

Michael Gelfand GJP 9

Pascal DeDecker Cossette, Montreal 9

Luc Du Sault Cossette, Montreal 8

Marie-Josee Dufour Cossette, Montreal 8

Peter Carnevale MacLaren McCann, Toronto 8

Sally Smallwood Arnold Worldwide, Toronto 8

Joe Musicco MacLaren McCann, Toronto 7

Laurent Prud’homme Palm Publicite 7

Marcus Sagar TBWA, Toronto 7

Michael Murray TBWA, Toronto 7

Simon Rivest Cossette, Montreal 7