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Customer service chasm

Customer service chasm

I enjoyed the recent editorial in the January issue of strategy. The ongoing chasm between ‘We’d Love To Help!’ and reality at the store level is jaw-dropping. And as someone who creates ads with those sentiments firmly tucked into every audio missile, I worry about the follow-through (which is always beyond our control).

But at least I can say that our collective paranoia of bad service has made us instill the idea of gracious and appreciative service here at Pirate, for what it’s worth.

Terry O’Reilly,

Pirate Radio & Television, Toronto

Loving Stu

I just read your mag for the first time. Enjoyed it! I was very amused by John Bradley’s diary about new bosses and innovation. But most of all I wanted to acknowledge Gary Gray’s homage to a great marketing guy, Stu Dryer.

I was fortunate enough to work with Stu in the 80′s and early 90′s until his retirement from Nestlé Canada. I was the marketing director at Rowntree and he was in some senior strategic role, which he mostly played at. He loved hanging out with us, being provocative and passionate and very irreverent. I loved him dearly, and he taught me masses about how to get great things out of agencies.

Rowntree/Nestlé has gone through much since those days, but has now returned to the old stable of great advertising assets. ‘Red Ones Last’ has been modernized, and the team has just reintroduced ‘Makes a Nice Light Snack.’ The business is booming, and the brands are in the top five.

Thanks to Stu for creating a phenomenal foundation. Thanks to you for paying tribute to such a great guy.

Leslie Chester,

SVP, Nestlé Canada