Top 3 beer ads

Are you talkin' to me?

Are you talkin’ to me?

The Molson Canadian ‘It Starts Here’ ad seems very one dimensional, and seems like a big beer company talking to itself. It really doesn’t make me want to hold that beer in a bar. From a ‘doing something different’ perspective, it doesn’t come close to ‘Twin Label Technology,’ [Canadian's U.S. campaign by CP+B]. Lots of beer companies make ads about how their product is going to help pick up chicks. ‘Twin Label’ one-ups that by giving you practical tools to assist your quest. [The campaign saw bottles of Molson Canadian carry two labels - the regular branded version and another with a cheesy come-on line, which was then used by guys in the TV spots to lure girls.]

Chad Borlase, co-CD, Bos, Toronto

Steak a unique take

The Bud Light M&M Meats ad [starring guys who make fun of the promo because it's so unbelievable and one very serious rep for Bud Light] is very male-oriented. It’s steaks and beer, which is very [on target]. The brand is still playing with humour as it did with the Bud Light Institute. What I find about these commercials [by Downtown Partners] is that they are unique, unlike Molson Ex Light in Quebec, which features [women in] wet T-shirts and is so 1973.

Daniel Charron, CD, Republik advertising + design, Montreal

Coors articulates the chase

Coors Light knows that the bulk of their beer is sold to young-men-chasing-young-women (no huge insight here…), but they articulate it well, without trying too hard. The latest spot [by FCB Toronto] depicts guys raising their hands in response to questions that reinforce the brand attributes. Then, when the bartender asks who’s picking up the tab, they bail. A fun spot. Easy to like.

Tony Miller, VP/CD, Sharpe Blackmore EURO RSCG, Toronto