The shows – CHUM


Hot Properties

Citytv, A-Channels/ABC, Fridays 9:30-10 p.m.

midseason debut

The story: Comedy about the lives and loves of four women in the cutthroat Manhattan real estate business. One’s a fortysomething married to a 25-year-old and pining for a baby. Another’s a recent divorcée, the third’s a self-improvement junkie and the fourth is trying work after growing up rich.

The cast: Audra Blaser (Bump in the Night), Gail O’Grady (American Dreams), Stephen Dunham (Monster-in-Law), Evan Handler (Sex and the City), Nicole Sullivan (MADtv), Sofia Vergara (Chasing Papi).

The backing: Interbang with Warner Bros. Television, executive producer/writer Suzanne Martin (Frasier).

The verdict: A comedy about real estate should go over well during our current shelter-mania phase. But it’s a toss-up whether this Big Apple comedy will woo décor mavens or fall into off-putting can’t-get-a-man whine-fests.

Just Legal

Citytv, A-Channels/WB, Mondays 9-10 p.m.

The story: Drama about a once-great trial lawyer who’s now barely scraping by and the idealistic young legal prodigy who joins him in crusading for underdog clients.

The cast: Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and Jay Baruchel (Million Dollar Baby).

The backing: Jerry Bruckheimer Television, executive producers Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI franchise), Jonathan Littman (Cold Case), Jonathan Shapiro (The Practice).

The verdict: Wily Bruckheimer’s got yet another good thing going here. He resurrected sardonic Don Johnson for older fans and snapped up Ottawa’s Jay Baruchel – who broke hearts as the mentally challenged boxer another good thing going on here – Don Johnson for older fans and Jay Baruchel for younger ones.

Modern Men


30 min., midseason debut

The story: A first foray into comedy by drama king Jerry Bruckheimer, this buddy series follows three floundering young Chicago guys who seek help from a female life coach.

The cast: Wendie Malick (Jake In Progress), Josh Braaten (Less Than Perfect), Max Greenfield (Veronica Mars), Eric Lively (The L Word), Marla Sokoloff (Desperate Housewives), George Wendt (Cheers).

The backing: Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Jonathan Littman (Cold Case), Marsh McCall (Just Shoot Me!).

The verdict: If Bruckheimer can do for comedy what he’s done with drama, this one’s a guaranteed hit.

South Beach


60 min, midseason debut

The story: Drama about two best friends discovering both the glamorous hot spots and the seedy underbelly of Miami’s South Beach after following one guy’s fashion-model ex-girlfriend south.

The cast: Marcus Coloma (Point Pleasant), Chris Johnson (XXX: State of the Union), Lee Thompson Young (Friday Night Lights), Vanessa L. Williams (Johnson Family Vacation).

The backing: Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions and Flame Television with Paramount Network Television. Executive producers Tony Krantz (The Bad Girl’s Guide), Jennifer Lopez, Simon Fields (Shall We Dance?), Philip Levens (Smallville).

The verdict: Granted, J-Lo knows a little bit about a lot of things, including her adopted hometown of Miami. But this one looks like a long shot because there are a lot of cooks in the producing kitchen and the cast isn’t exactly blue chip.

STAR! Daily

Citytv/A-Channels/Star!, daily at 11:35 p.m.

30 min. debut TBA

The story: Daily broadcast of entertainment news from the headquarters of Star!, MuchMusic and FashionTelevision.

The backing: CHUM Television

The verdict: Can there possibly be enough viewers not already tuned in to E-Talk

Daily, ET and all the other entertainment biz/buzz shows on the tube? Sounds dubious, but if anyone can find them, the safe money’s on CHUM.

Stargate Atlantis

Citytv/CitytvHD/SciFi, Mondays 8-9:00 p.m.

60 min., debut TBA

The story: Made-in-Canada spin-off of the hit Stargate SG-1 follows a multinational scientific and military group on an intergalactic mission to Atlantis. But they’ll never go home unless they can discover and adapt Atlantian technology to fix their fuel problem.

The cast: Torri Higginson (TekWars), Joe Flanigan (Dawson’s Creek), Rainbow Sun Francks (Twice in a Lifetime), David Hewlett (Traders), Rachel Luttrell (Feast Of All Saints).

The backing: MGM Television with Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper as executive producers.

The verdict: It may be a new series, but it’s got a built-in base of avid SG-1 fans plus a hefty chunk of folks with a perennial interest in Atlantis. Could very well go up, up and away.


Citytv/WB, Tuesdays 9-10 p.m.

The story: Two brothers crisscross mysterious American back roads in their ’67 Chevy Impala searching for their missing father while hunting evil paranormal forces along the way.

The cast: Jared Padalecki (The O.C), Jensen Ackles (Smallville).

The backing: Executive producers McG (The O.C.) and David Nutter (The West Wing).

The verdict: The demo Buffy once drew will check this out, plus heartthrob Jared’s fervent following may put this one on the map.

Three Wishes

Citytv/NBC, Fridays 8-9 p.m.

The story: Gospel singer Amy Grant stars in an unscripted series in which she leads a

team of experts to a small town to transform the dreams of deserving people into life-changing reality.

The cast: Amy Grant, carpenter Carter Oosterhouse (Trading Spaces), contractor Eric Stromer (Clean Sweep), architect Amanda Miller (Knock First).

The backing: Glassman Media and NBC Universal Television Studio, executive producers Andrew Glassman and Jason Raff.

The verdict: There was scarcely a dry eye in the upfront screening room for this combo of Touched by an Angel meets Extreme Makeover with a hint of the old Millionaire series. With sweet-as-pie Grant making dreams come true, this one’s a surefire winner.


Citytv/TNT, Tuesdays 10-11 p.m.

The story: An L.A. SWAT veteran and the crack, but covert, criminal- apprehension squad he gathers from federal and local law enforcement agencies fight crime while ruffling official feathers every step of the way.

The cast: Gary Cole (The West Wing), Ryan Hurst (Remember the Titans), Benjamin Benitez, (Tru Calling), Brendan Kelly (Conair), Lee Tergesen (Oz), Rashida Jones (Boston Public).

The backing: Executive producers Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent (Charmed) and the singular-monikered Zamacona.

The verdict: Spelling doesn’t often strike out, but betting the bank on craggy Cole attracting many viewers – after being so convincing as the dimwitted veep on The West Wing – might not be a sure thing.

Young Blades

A-Channels/Pax, Thursdays, 9-10 p.m.

midseason debut

The story: Shot in Vancouver and set in 17th century France, this series follows the adventures of a new generation of sword-wielding warriors who are the children of the infamous Three Musketeers and are now teaching pupils at the Musketeer Academy.

The cast: Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5), Michael Ironside (The Last Chapter), Tobias Mehler (Robson Arms), Karen Cliche (Mutant X), Sheena Easton (The Outer Limits).

The backing: PaxTV from creators Dan Angel and Billy Brown (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

The verdict: The only swashbuckler on the sked in many a moon, this one should go down a treat with the hordes who are hooked on sorcery, secret evil societies and demons galore.