Roehl Sanchez

Ten things I didn't know about Cannes:

Ten things I didn’t know about Cannes:

1. It’s pronounced ‘CAN,’ not ‘CON’

or ‘CONS’

2. Running shoes and jeans are allowed in the clubs. But men’s flip flops are not.

3. Roman Polanski has a suite at the Carlton named after him.

4. A day at the beach can cost you 30 Euros (CAD$44.) And all you get is a towel, umbrella and chair.

5. Chilled rosé is the drink of choice.

6. First it’s the Film Festival. Then the Advertising Festival. Then the Porn Festival.

7. Coincidently, Wunderman has its annual creative directors conference afterwards as well.

8. Everyone not part of the festival looks like either Karl Lagerfeld or Sophia Loren.

9. People don’t eat dinner until 9 p.m.

10. French men in Speedos are passé.