Top 3 holiday ads (well, sort of)

Jolly good? Not when it came to this year's bag of Canadian holiday ads.

Jolly good? Not when it came to this year’s bag of Canadian holiday ads.

In fact, these CDs discovered finding a gem was about as likely as finding the perfect gift for the gal who has everything. Which is why, sadly, most were forced to look elsewhere for their picks.

Rudolph the hard-nosed reindeer

The Tanqueray spot [by Grey NY] has all the right holiday elements: a snow-covered landscape, a warm fire, reindeer, an elf, and a carol played on martini glasses by a balding, decorated general – a very funny way to make Tanqueray festive. And [in terms of Canadian work] I enjoy the pixilated Bell spot [by Vancouver-based Rethink] that shows the other side of Christmas – the drunk reindeer side. Majestic, magical animals in the most down-to-earth environment, complaining about work – a good twist. Both ads found a unique way to tie themselves to the season while maintaining brand character.

Joseph Nanni, VP/CD, Young & Rubicam, Toronto

No turkey here

I keep finding new things to see in the Target holiday ad [by Minneapolis-based Peterson Milla Hooks]. I giggle when the guy saves the turkey. It isn’t trying to be emotional, or meaningful…it’s just a lot of candy, presented in a fun, campy way. A lot of holiday ads take themselves sooooooo seriously. This one is just a pretty ornament – lots of production and gorgeous art direction. But I’m saving my bet for all the election ads we’ll be seeing over the holidays: They’re sure to be cheerful and bright.

Brian Sheppard, creative group head, Target Marketing & Communications, St. John’s, Nfld.

A different kind of lapland

I was hoping it would be easy to comment on the best holiday themed ad…. [Instead], I’ve found some that make me want to throw a brick at the TV (hello, Virgin Mobile). I did see a great Intel ad [by New York's McCann Erickson Worldwide], that is playing during the festive season. Stars like Seal and soccer great David Owen are found sitting in the laps of various ‘normal’ people. Seal is singing to an old lady. Owen heads a ball into the middle of what looks like a train terminal. Then we realize that Intel gives you incredible processing power, right in your lap. A nice simple idea.

Tony Miller, CD, Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG, Toronto