Get a kick out of this sponsorship opp

Jamieson Laboratories is kicking up its grassroots support for kids' vitamins - literally.

Jamieson Laboratories is kicking up its grassroots support for kids’ vitamins – literally.

The Toronto-based firm is the exclusive title sponsor of a new soccer venture, developed by Publicis FFWD, the sponsorship property division of Publicis Canada. Now the agency is looking for others, such as a digital camera, coffee, and spa brand, to join the team.

Called Little Kickers and aimed at moms and kids (three to seven), the pilot will debut this spring in at least eight Ontario soccer clubs, during a co-ordinated soccer festival. At each venue, Jamieson will set up a branded area for one week, where kids can test their soccer skills and receive ribbons for their efforts.

Jim Kirby, partner, properties at Toronto-based Publicis FFWD, says the goal is to raise brand awareness and trial for the firm’s Arthur- and Caillou-branded vitamins. Another objective is to physically connect and interact with families, adds brand manager Tracey Mazza.

‘Our research has identified that experiential programs resonate with young moms,’ says Kirby. ‘And with this type of initiative you can create tactical extensions and innovative couponing programs.’

Meanwhile, Jamieson’s ‘Little Kicker Ambassadors’ will hand out instant prizes, such as Ts, temporary tattoos and soccer balls, and the program may also be leveraged in store, through, for instance, an on-pack promo. As title sponsor, the pharmaceutical company can also take advantage of any festival marketing by the clubs, including TV, radio and online. Kirby expects marketing impressions to be in the seven figures and Little Kickers to attract 20,000 to 40,000 participants. (The larger festivals are expected to lure 65,000.)

If all goes well, Little Kickers could be rolled out across Canada in 2007. Adds Kirby: ‘In co-partners, we’re looking to offer a value-add to the consumer. [For instance,] we’re speaking with HP about providing digital photo opps with Arthur and/or Caillou [mascots] during the festival.’ At press time, cost was yet to be determined.