When hunger strikes

We all get a little grumpy when we're hungry.

We all get a little grumpy when we’re hungry.

The latest TV spot for Snickers, by Toronto-based BBDO Canada, plays on this insight and takes it to the extreme. Sure to be a hit with the young target, the epic commercial, ‘King’ (with both 30-and 60-second versions) was shot in Budapest and set in medieval times featuring an angry mob out to behead their king. A modern-day dude eating a Snickers bar intervenes and asks the crowd if they’re really angry, or if they’re just hungry. The crowd then shrugs and heads towards a Snickers-stocked vending machine perched atop a throne.

‘We’re really excited about the campaign, it’s been several years since Snickers has received any consumer support,’ says David Minnett, franchise director at Oakville, Ont.-based Effem. He says the campaign has three goals: to leverage the brand’s historical equities (specifically hunger satisfaction), to reinforce key product attributes like ‘packed with peanuts,’ and to build some stature in the marketplace since it’s been so long since the last ad effort. ‘I think we’ve found a solution in the campaign that does all three,’ he says.

client: David Minnett, franchise director; Rankin Carroll,

franchise manager, Effem Foods

CD: Jack Neary

ACD/AD: Mark Mason

copywriter: Patrick Scissons

account supervisor: Susan Gillmeister

account executive: Natalya Lukie

agency producer: Sam Benson

prodcos: Spy Films (Canada)/ Strawberry Films (Budapest)

director: Charley Stadler

DOP: Fraser Taggert

producer: Carlo Trulli

editor: David Baxter, Panic & Bob

sound: Nathan Handy, The Eggplant