Head-butt double take

It's not who you think it is.

It’s not who you think it is.

A recent print execution for Kronenbourg by Montreal-based agency Amen features a shot of what looks like French football star Zinédine Zidane cooling his head with a bottle of Kronenbourg beer, presumably sore from dishing out an angry head butt.

When Amen CD Nicolas Massey saw the now-famous World Cup head-butting moment, he saw an opportunity to leverage some of the buzz. The Monday after the incident, he told his art director, Carl Robichaud, that he wanted to shoot an ad with a Zidane lookalike. They found one in their office building, took him to the building’s parking garage and did the photo shoot that same day.

With a unique camera angle and a little Photoshopping (they had to add Zidane’s signature v-shaped receding hairline), voila, the ad was done, all within the span of a few hours. It’s very simple, with small, minimal copy that says: ‘Cool off. Kronenbourg, premium

French beer.’

Massey sent the ad to his unsuspecting client, Kronenbourg Canada brand manager Pierre Deblême, who was thrilled about the surprise ad. ‘He loved that we were opportunistic, and didn’t wait for his approval,’ says Massey. ‘We wanted to do this as quickly as possible.’

The ad ran a few days later in two Montreal alt-weeklies, Mirror (in English) and Voir (in French).