City of T.O. takes poke at bad drivers

Bad driving is no laughing matter. Or is it?

Bad driving is no laughing matter. Or is it?

A recent road safety awareness campaign from the City of Toronto centres on a faux institute called ‘Steve Fenton’s School of Bad Driving’ to illustrate just how ridiculous common bad-driving practices like speeding up for yellow lights and text-messaging while driving are. The ‘school’ even has a jingle, a logo, and a branded car that will be popping up around the GTA with ‘Steve Fenton’ doing some ‘safety’ demonstrations. (He’ll be parked in pedestrian areas like mall parking lots so as not to be a roadside distraction.)

The campaign, which launched in mid-September, includes radio, outdoor, guerrilla and online efforts, as well as a hotline with

pre-recorded ‘tips of the day’ from Steve Fenton.

‘Even though it’s funny stuff…you realize: ‘What I’m doing is ridiculous’,’ says Brian Howlett, CD at Toronto-based AMW, adding that while Steve Fenton’s ‘tips’ are obviously ill-advised, many people are guilty of the bad behaviour. ‘It was in the brief to do something different…to deliver a serious message in a light way.’

client: Steve Johnston, senior communications co-ordinator, City of Toronto

agency: AMW

CD: Brian Howlett

copywriter: Jeremiah McNama

AD/illustration: Chad Burnie

agency producer: Bob Kirk

account executive: Michael Orpen

account director: Tina Fernandez

media director: Ruth Smith

media executive: Charlene Lorette

studio: Pirate