Quebec business mag illustrates its global POV

Not quite getting the full picture?

Not quite getting the full picture?

Montreal-based shop Amen Creation enlisted help from prominent Quebec artist François Faucher, known for his uniquely distortive style called vibrationism, to illustrate three slightly faded billboard executions featuring instantly recognizable images like Bill Gates. The French tag, which translates to ‘For a complete picture read Commerce Magazine,’ aims to reinforce the Montreal-based mag’s position as not only a Quebec business must-read, but also as a general-interest publication, too.

‘They wanted to broaden their audience,’ explains Nicolas Massey, Amen’s CD, adding that the campaign also aims to convey that the magazine has a wide scope. ‘[Commerce] talks about not only local business issues, but also international things that affect Quebec business.’

The ads, which also feature images of a Saudi sheik and a Chinese bill, are currently running on Astral OOH space around downtown Montreal. Massey says the faded concept might be applied to future efforts. ‘It’s a campaign that

has legs.’

client: Sylvain Bédard, editor, economic magazines, Médias Transcontinental CD

agency: Amen Creation

CD:Nicolas Massey

copywriter: Josianne D’auteuil

AD: Genevieve Jannelle

illustrator: François Faucher

print production director: Marie Noël-de-Tilly

graphic artist: Marquis Couture