Art as advertising

Talk about minimalist.

Talk about minimalist.

A new print ad for Montreal fresh fish restaurant Psarotaverna du Symposium does anything but swim with the school. Featuring a detailed ink drawing of the eatery with dozens of neighborhood cats hungry for fish descending upon it, the ad doesn’t even include a headline, never mind a tag or descriptive copy. The restaurant’s name, address and phone number were incorporated into the drawing, which is by Montreal artist Philippe Nadeau.

‘It’s something that is beautiful, that is art. It captures the consumer,’ says Nicolas Massey, CD at Montreal-based Amen Creation, adding that the simplicity aims to create mystery and prompt readers to do a double-take. ‘I want to combine art and advertising.’

The ad launched in late November, and is currently just running in Montreal alt-weekly Voir. Massey says they opted not to do OOH executions because the ad is so detailed.

client: Tasso, owner, Psarotaverna du Symposium

agency: Amen Creation

CD: Nicolas Massey

AD: Carl Robichaud

illustrator: Philippe Nadeau

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