Eric, 17

Day One - a Wednesday

Day One – a Wednesday

I’m tired, but I’m happy. I finished my portfolio for my Ryerson application at around three in the morning. I woke up at seven kicking myself for procrastinating. Then again, it’s my style. I’m dreading how tired I am and how it’s going to affect the rest of my day. After getting fresh with my Arm and Hammer Extra Whitening toothpaste With a Crest battery operated spin brush… and Lever 2000 showering gel (Axe is cooler…I usually have Axe but I’ve been low on funds lately so I’m using the parent-bought products in my house for now), I was waiting outside for my ride by 7:30 something.

What was the first branded message you saw today?

At noon, I went straight to the vending machine to ‘Recharge on Mars.’ I saw that ad in my head because I’ve heard itseen it so many times before and because I was tired since I woke up. I needed a charge of some sort. The Mars Bar slogan told me what to do to feel recharged – get a Mars. I even remember saying recharge on Mars as the bar fell out of its place in the machine. I don’t even think it works, but it helps me decide real quick what I should buy when I feel like I need a cheap pick me up.


I have three straight classes until noon. I had to get to the mall to catch the GO Bus to yorkdale to catch the subway to Dundas to get to Ryerson so I could drop off my portfolio.

I also bought two magazines: XXL (hip hop magazine) and Ebony (black centered). This way I wouldn’t get bored on the long journey. After dropping off my portfolio I did a bit of window shopping.

Which brands stood out today?

LRG – My favorite clothing line. It’s for young people with a disposable income and a taste for good urban fashion and their own personal sense of style. (It really bothers me when people don’t wear things right…don’t buy LRG if you don’t know how to wear it…)

Nike, Adidas, Timberland – You don’t mind spending over $100 on a pair of shoes (and in some cases, jeanstops) OR someone who is looking for quality footwear that will be used for specific activities (athletics, walking outdoors….)

Coke – The thirsty consumer.


I took the bus back home from Ryerson. There wasn’t much to eat in the house. I had dry cereal (no lie – frosted flakes on their own) at around ten o clock and watched half an episode of the Sinbad show – the only TV I’ve watched all day. Most of my time is spent on my computer. I routinely check my email, my Myspace, and my contact list on MSN to see what’s up. Then I check

What media did you interact with?

2 magazines – Ebony & XXL, TV, Web

XXL is appealing to me because it deals with hip hop and so do I. I’m thinking of getting a subscription to the magazine, no lie. TV doesn’t really do anything for me…I’ve become so detached from it even though there are some programs I really enjoy watching when I do. The XXL article on Bow Wow was most interesting… Poor Bow Wow…trapped in his own image…mentally he’s 25 (says the article) but they’re tryna make him a teenager forever.

What music-related activities?

Streamed music from

Listened to music from my own list on my hard drive

Listened to myself – I listened to my own music more than any music right now…I’m trying to develop myself as an artist and it takes a lot of self-assessment.

I listened to hip hop, R&B and a little pop(Just Gwen Stefani)

Day two – a Friday

TGIF! I’m feeling good…got up early…caught the bus to school on time….today’s gonna be a good day. I’m looking forward to going to Yorkdale Mall with my girlfriend (of 17 months)…it’s always a thrill to see what we can find for her. Nothing to dread…it’s Friday. OH and it’s payday! I’m getting a haircut…finally!

Which brands stood out?

My first period class is comm. Tech – where the computers are. My friend was on youtube (slogan-broadcast yourself) just killing time before class started. I like youtube..matter of fact I’m on it (search for flowchild). I think it’s one of the best ideas brought to the net (along with Myspace and Google). To be able to ‘broadcast yourself’ in front of the world without leaving your house is pretty cool if you ask me. I mean I only noticed it this morning because my friend was on it, but the reason I’m on it is because I’m an artist and it helps me to promote myself.

What technology did you use today?

Cell phone: Listening to music on the loooong bus rides, texting my girl, calling my friend to see where he was at. I used my Bluetooth headset for most of the day. Computer: I used my computer for less than an hour today…

Day three – a Saturday

I was almost late for work! I quickly called my friend to drive me and of course he did it (what a good friend.) I’m looking forward to seeing my girlfriend after work. Not sure what we’ll do yet, though.

Brands of note?

Nike, Adidas, Timberland, K-Swiss, Converse, Champs, Puma… Pumas are worn for a couple reasons. Guys who go for the ‘freshie’ look (Jamaican style…tight clothes…chains on jeans…bandanas on neckpockets). Girls who don’t like running shoes but don’t like dress shoes either wear Pumas. Those European guys who buy nothing but Pumas because it’s all they’ve known.

Converse has found a way to make its brand universal…there are no real boundaries in terms of race, age, or sex.

Unbranded content

The most important thing a brand can do for me is: Say what I think. LRG especially does that for me. There’s a tshirt I have from LRG that says ‘this generation runs the nation’. I love it for what it says…that’s what I’m all about. I’m not really a sucker for brands unless it’s LRG. Brands don’t really matter to me…unless they stand for something as deep as culture and unity and the youth….I have to give LRG credit for the angle they’re coming from. It’s clever, fresh, and appealing.

The technology I most rely on is: The internet. It is my source for everything. CommunicationKnowledgeEntertainment…everything. Without it I feel powerless. I feel limited. I feel old-fashioned. I feel like I’m being left behind while the world moves foward. I’m tellin’ you man..the minute my modem starts acting funny Rogers gets a call riiiight away. I need msn…I need myspace…I need all those things. It’s how I live.

Music is something I: Live. I don’t just listen to music, I create it. For that reason I take music a little more seriously than some people. I listen to words especially. My music is something I depend on. Something I turn to. Hip hop is so appealing to me…the culture, the lifestyle, the artists…everything about it interests me. My music is something I wish to pursue…my music is everything.

In my lifetime, I aspire to be: A young hip hop artist (I’m running out of time) … a motivational figure (for my generation)…and, above all else, a father (I can’t wait to have kids…I mean I can…but I want them one day for sure).

I try to make a difference in my community by: Breaking out of the stereotype. I’m not your ‘regular black kid’ – whatever that means. I stand for the youth and what our future entails. I’m involved in many activities at school – mainly the black history club. I’m the leader of the club and through certain activities (such as the play I’m working on) I can raise awareness about black history in my school.

The last item I saved up for was: My phone (last summer) – it cost me $490. Nobody has my Nokia 6280…well nobody around here anyway. It didn’t take me too long – I worked a lot of hours in the summer. I had to buy it because my parents wouldn’t get me a phone on my birthday. I took matters into my own hands but it cost me way more than it would have cost my parents. Originally I wanted the SLVR with ITunes but I can’t see myself with any other phone now. People think I’m crazy for buying the phone full price, but I think you gotta treat yourself sometimes. It’s too bad though – the phone has features I can’t use because no one else has it…the notable feature is video conferencing done with 3G technology…I hope the rest of the world catches up soon…haha