2022 Brand of the Year: Mastermind Toys ups its game

How the toy and children’s book retailer strengthened its digital, cultural and marketing strategies.

Stefana Prodea

View from the C-Suite: SakeBomb is getting ‘more cans in hands’

The female-forward RTD company benefits from its founder’s past business pursuits.


Mastermind Toys launches its own private label

The retailer is extending its brand identity into its own toys, coinciding with a new catalogue positioning it as the “cool school supplier.”


Unilever unveils tighter youth marketing policies

The company will not advertise food and beverages to children under 16, including through influencer content.


Quebec’s Ministry of Labour is using Twitch to boost skilled trades

A series of live streams used relevant video games to get young people to consider fields like IT and engineering.


George Brown hopes Toronto is as big a draw for students as its programs

To reverse enrollment trends, the college doubled its ad spend and enlisted No Fixed Address as its AOR to create a message about “real world learning.”


U of T launches new platform for the first time in a decade

Launching today, the new creative approach shows why the institution is needed now more than ever.

Little Brats 3

2021 Brand of the Year: The MCHF’s rebel mindset

How the children’s hospital has overcome barriers charities have faced by embracing its bratty side.


Girl Guides gives campfire tunes the School of Rock treatment

Songs like “Down by the Bay” get a girl-power reboot heading into registration season.


Moms more concerned about prices than safety in back-to-school shopping

A survey also finds ecomm habits developed during COVID are tough to break.


Are brands ready for a gender-fluid future?

As gender continues to evolve, strategy looks at who is evolving with it, from targeting to advertising to retail experiences.


Coca-Cola’s specialty sodas pop up outside the pop aisle

The beverage behemoth is intentionally ‘hiding’ its new craft, glass bottle offerings ‘in plain sight.’


The scoop on Baskin-Robbins’ deal with Netflix

The chain teamed up with the streaming service to turn its store into a Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlour from Stranger Things.


Brands court the modern man

How companies that once contributed to images of toxic masculinity are trying to be part of the solution.


O, Molson Canadian, our true and patriot beer!

A look at how the patriotic brand has fought to win brand love over the last 60 years and what it hopes will be its next one-two punch.