Sarah, 13

Day One - a Thursday

Day One – a Thursday

I woke up, got dressed went downstairs to eat breakfast. Then got ready for school. My mood today is cheerful and tired (I had a school dance last night.) I’m looking forward to Ladies Rip night (Rider Improvement Program) where you improve on your snowboarding skills. The upside is that it’s only girls

allowed. No boys. I’m dreading Full Band. Every one in the grade seven band gets squashed together in one small room.

What was the first ad or branded message you saw this morning? Why did you notice it?

Ardène. There was a black skirt with ruffles. The matching tank top was Ardène too. It was black with a pink polka-dotted shrug.

I liked it. I saw it at Ardène before but they ran out of my size. My friend Nicole was wearing it. Also I love anything pink.

What did you choose to wear this morning?

The tank top white, the Henley was blue, blue jeans, penguin socks and blue earrings and necklace.

The brands: Old Navy, American Eagle, Limited Too, Bizou and Claire’s.


I had a busy day. Math, Science, PE. It was fun though because my friends and I talked up a storm at the cafeteria. It was a hectic day. Here, there, EVERYWHERE! My activities: Physical? Badminton in PE.

Verbal:? Class Discussions.

What brands did you encounter this afternoon? Who do you think they’re for?

American Eagle – fun, Garage – trendy, Mac computers – hard working, Oreo’s – sweet on the inside, Ardène – like a bit of everything in their clothes, Farmers milk – thirsty and nutritional, Scholastic – avid readers, Gap – happy with life, and Reebok – fit.

Which stood out?

A.E. and GAP.


They both use bright colors and huge logos.

What media did you use today?

Laptop – working at school, camera – taking pictures for your mag, MP3 – listening to music and the television – watching MMM and MuchMusic.

I usually watch Much On Demand to listen to what’s happening to all the singers. What they’re doing usually leaves an impression on me.

Day Two – a Friday

Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, get ready for school. I’m feeling mellow. We have a half-day today and I also have horseback riding.

Which brands stood out today?

Ten, Maybelline, L’Oréal Paris, NYC , CoverGirl, Mary Kay and Bonne Bell. I noticed them on the make-up my friends and I were testing out.

What media did you encounter?

Radio. We played it while we were doing each others make-up. We learned how lucky we are. We don’t live in a country with tornadoes or tsunamis. The content that interested me the most was about how much snow there was in the Yukon.

Day 3 – a Sunday

I didn’t wake up until noon today. I slowly got up, dragged my self to the kitchen table and ate. Took the dog out. Typed this up for your mag. Did homework.

What forms of media did you encounter?

Newspaper and magazines.

The newspaper left the impression that there is a LOT going on in the world around us. [It made me realize] there is a lot that we don’t know about. The magazine left the impression that celebrities don’t have the perfect life. They are just like us. They need to eat, sleep and breathe just like us.

The content that interested me the most was about Ashlee Simpson. She explained she had an above average life but wasn’t all that different.

Which brands stood out? And who are they for?

NIKE and Old Navy.

They were the brands of the comfy, feminine clothes I was wearing today.

Nike – sporty, yet a person who wants to be comfy and Old Navy – trendy but willing to pay for a cheaper price.

Unbranded content

Technology I rely on most is: My computer. It holds all my photos, saves my homework assignments, I can talk to my friends who are millions of miles away and have fun all at the same time.

The things that stress me out are: Homework, too much of it and I freak. Bugs, I’m afraid they’ll bite me in my sleep or crawl in my ear. My hair, one minute it’s frizzy, the next it’s poofy.

The best place for a company or brand to place a message that will get my attention is: On free samples. One time my mom and I got free samples at Fruits and Passion and the next time we went back we bought the product.

Text messaging vs. instant messaging (MSN) vs. Talking on the phone: Text messaging I never use so it’s out of the question. I prefer MSN sometimes and others I prefer the phone. For my friends that I see everyday at school, I like to IM them. For friends that I rarely see, I like to phone them. It’s nice to hear their voice.

The best advice I’ve given a friend is: Sleep on it. Whenever my friends ask me for advice, I tell them both sides then tell them to sleep on it.

TV vs. Internet: TV is nice when you’re sick and you don’t like to be moving a lot. Internet is nice too because you can ALWAYS find what you’re looking for. On TV you have only a slim idea what’s on and can’t pick what’s on when.

When I’m alone my favourite thing to do is: Read. With reading you set your mind free. You can make anything seem real. While I’m reading I’ll think about a character and wonder what he or she does right now. Then, I’ll remember that they aren’t real!

The one thing that worries me about the future is: Money. Will all prices be sky rocketed? Will I be able to afford everything that I need?

I try to make a difference in the world by: Smiling. A smile is contagious. One person will pass it on to another, then another and before you know it, the whole world is smiling.

In my lifetime, I aspire to be: A fashion designer, photographer or be a model in a magazine. I love to design and would love to be on Project Runway. I would like to be in a magazine too. One of those things has come true!