OOH ads that really engage

What could be more fitting than slot machines at the Las Vegas Airport?

What could be more fitting than slot machines at the Las Vegas Airport?

A recent Travelzoo ad effort at Sin City’s McCarran International Airport allows passersby to ‘pull’ virtual slot machines projected onto walls using Monster Media’s gesture-based technology, called Monstervision. The slot machines drum up various travel deals to demonstrate what New York City-based Travelzoo does.

Other gesture-based executions include an interactive wall projection that reveals deals as people walk by and a video execution that inserts participants into digital Travelzoo ‘commercials.’ A ticker runs across the top of all executions featuring the most current deals, which are being plugged in from Travelzoo’s New York office.

‘The [execution] that’s gotten the most buzz is the slot machine,’ says Chris Beauchamp, Monster Media’s CEO, adding that the machine engages an average of 3.5 million passersby a month. ‘It stops people in their tracks.’

Meanwhile, Mississauga-based InTouch Media Group offers all the technology that Monster does here in Canada. It’s currently working with Toronto-based Taxi 2 to develop interactive creative to enhance the customer experience for Burlington, Ont.-based Sir Corp’s restaurants like Jack Astor’s and Alice Fazooli’s.

A Toronto-area Jack Astor’s recently rolled out an interactive video display located behind the hostess stand at the front of the restaurant, which distracts bored customers while they wait for their tables. The ScreenXtreme feature inserts them into a large video projection, allowing diners to play virtual games like kicking around a cyber soccer ball.

Meanwhile, Alice Fazooli’s is using the technology to liven up two of its tables at a downtown-Toronto location: one features a virtual aquarium, with fish that swim away as your plate is put down. Another is a bit more disturbing: a virtual spider crawls on the table, then appears to crawl over your dinner after the plate is put down.

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