Re: Who to Watch (Sept. 2007)

Dear Mary

Dear Mary

I was greatly flattered by my profile featured in the September issue of Strategy Magazine (Who to Watch. September 2007) and wanted to thank Annette Bourdeau for capturing the objectives and the energy surrounding our new directions for the Bay and Zellers.

I just wanted to point out that the efforts and achievements of the organization are truly a shared effort encompassing hundreds of merchants, store operators, associates and a myriad of support groups. The expertise and dedication of all of these people is what is making a positive difference in what our customers experience in our stores every day. Within our marketing group alone there are over 300 individuals whose shared vision and hard work has created real improvements to our communications programs across the board.

I felt the article over-stated my influence and, much as I might like to take credit for all of this activity, it’s an impression that is a disservice to the efforts of the whole team. That plus I am getting tired of all the requests to turn water into wine which are clogging up my inbox.

Very sincerely,

Patrick Dickinson

GM, Hbc Brand Marketing