There’s more to creatives…

...than the awards they've won.

…than the awards they’ve won.

Who’s kidding whom? Awards are a damn good measure of talent. But is there anything else? With that in mind, Zig created this questionnaire. It’s time to probe deeper. That’s right, we said it. Probe.
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1. Number of pairs of Adidas trainers owned:

a) 0-5

b) 6-10

c) 11-15

2. Uses cool British words like ‘trainers’?

a) Yup

b) Nope

c) Sometimes

3. Finds ideas:

a) After a near-religious epiphany

b) At the bottom of a pint

c) In someone else’s notebook

4. Keeps trophies:

a) On desk for all to bow down before

b) At home in personal shrine/masturbatorium

c) Wherever, ’cause it’s no big deal, bro

5. Guitar Hero level:

a) Easy

b) Medium

c) Hard

d) Unemployed

6. Favourite extravagance:

a) Booze

b) Clothes

c) Music

d) Interns

7. On set, will ensure:

a) The spot is good

b) The director stays on point

c) They totally get in on some of those breakfast burritos

8. Work proudly showcased at:

a) Cannes

b) The Smithsonian

c) Le frigo de Mom

9. Thinks dog walkers are:

a) Lame

b) Lame

c) Not lame if they did them

10. Ad-nerd level:

a) Low

b) Moderate


11. Plastic spectacle frames reminiscent of:

a) David Hockney

b) Andy Warhol

c) Dame Edna

12. Favourite book:

a) The Kite Runner

b) A Moveable Feast

c) Book?

13. Suffers from:

a) Visions of grandeur

b) Delusions of talent

14. Circle one:

a) Lives to work

b) Works to live

c) Cries self to sleep

15. Years spent living off one idea:

a) 0-1

b) 2-5

c) 6-10

16. Years spent as unpaid intern at ‘creative boutique’:

a) 0-1

b) 2-3

c) 4-99

17. When an idea gets killed will most likely:

a) Cry

b) Pout

c) Climb to the top of a bell tower with a .22

18. Favourite Dire Straits album:

a) Communiqué

b) Brothers In Arms

c) Making Movies

d) Dire Straits suck, dude

19. Source of creative drive and inspiration:

a) Love of job

b) Fear of failure

c) Bolivia

20. Favourite slogan:

a) ‘Just Do It’

b) ‘Impossible Is Nothing’

c) ‘I Cheetah All The Time’

21. Fall-back profession in case things don’t work out:

a) Civil War re-enactor

b) Pirate

c) Something to do with porn

22. Favourite Starbucks drink:

a) Tall Americano

b) Venti non-fat latté

c) Half double decaf decaffeinated half-caf

23. Thinks preceding joke was stolen from:

a) Mean Girls

b) L.A. Story

c) Sex and the City

24. Relationship to CD is like:

a) Benny Blanco to Carlito Brigante

b) The Artful Dodger to Fagin

c) Patty Hearst to the SLA

25. Thinks this survey is:

a) Strictly OK

b) Not bad

c) Shameless self-promotion for Niall Kelly Geoff Morgan Niall Kelly Geoff Morgan
Okay, now it’s time to tabulate your answers. Assign 1 point for each ‘A’ response, 2 points for ‘B’ and 3 points for ‘C’.
Then get a big letter ‘L’ and stick it on your forehead.
P.S. We love you.