Lucky number eight elevates BMO

Landing an extra $10,000 in the bank would be pretty wondrous.

Landing an extra $10,000 in the bank would be pretty wondrous.

A new promotion from Toronto-based BMO InvestorLine is themed around the ‘Eight New Wonders of the World’ – seven destinations, plus a $10,000 prize rounding out the list as the eighth wonder. The effort plays on the ancient Chinese belief that eight is a lucky number, and cheekily targets ‘Type 8′ investor personalities in 2008. New and existing InvestorLine clients are being offered eight chances to win and eight prizes to choose from, including trips to the new seven wonders or the hefty deposit into one of their online investment accounts.

A supporting campaign features Type 8 personalities meticulously crafting models of the wonders with office supplies. An online time-lapse video seeded on sites like YouTube last month features an office worker composing a replica of Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue with staples. Two TV spots broke in late January, also featuring rapid re-creations of various wonders.

‘We wanted to show the passion, or the lengths people would go to for a chance to win one of these trips…obviously this is a bit of an exaggeration,’ says Cosmo Campbell, CD at Vancouver-based Tribal DDB.

The effort aims to raise awareness about InvestorLine and differentiate it from online investment competitors like ING Direct.

Over 600,000 staples were used to build the Chichen Itza model, while the Great Wall of China and Colosseum replicas are comprised of pencils and erasers, respectively. No office supplies were wasted during the filming of these commercials: all leftovers are being donated to underfunded public schools.

advertiser: Katya Gitlin, marketing manager, marketing and client strategy; Al Gregoire, director of new client acquisition, BMO InvestorLine

agency: Tribal DDB

CD: Cosmo Campbell

AD: Alex Beim

copywriter: Cameron Warden

agency producer: Ryan McCormick

flash developer: Amadou Isaacs

account managers: Carl Smith, Nicole Milette

prodco: Radke Film Group

head of production: Kevin Walter

director: Robin Hayes

DOP: Trent Oploch

producer: Ari Jampolsky

modellers: Willard Cochrane, Iesza Snowden, Aaron Jordan