Lavo’s thanks from all the fish

Who ever said nature scenes can't be fun?

Who ever said nature scenes can’t be fun?

Two new billboard executions for Montreal-based Lavo highlight the company’s eco-friendly traits by featuring a smiling fish beside a bottle of Hertel dish detergent saying ‘Merci,’ and a bear embracing a container of La Parisienne laundry soap. Each of the illustrated ads features

cartoon-like nature backdrops with the simple line: ‘Biodégradable, sans phosphates.’

‘There are a lot of clichés out there, a lot of nature scenes,’ says Luc Perreault, CD at

Montreal-based Allard Johnson. ‘We wanted to be more fun, and to connect with a lot of people. Like Finding Nemo – that movie talked to everyone.’

Both ads stress simplicity in order to achieve maximum impact. ‘You have three seconds to read a billboard, so if you have more than three words, it’s a waste of time,’ says Perreault.

The campaign is in line with Lavo’s overarching strategy to be profitable, but also socially responsible. Its cleaning product portfolio also includes Old Dutch, which is distributed across Canada and the northeastern U.S.

Perreault says they’re planning to also run the fish ad as a print execution in the near future. The ads are running across Quebec.

advertiser: Richard Arsenault, VP sales and marketing;

Sylvie Jenneau, product manager, Lavo

agency: Allard Johnson

CD: Luc Perreault

ADs: Sébastien Tessier, Karine Martel

copywriter: Marie Lefebvre

account services: Robert Deslauriers, Frédérique Grenouillat

media planning: Sylvie Marton, Cristina Moldovan

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