Ask A Copywriter Who’s Never Been To Cannes

Dear Copywriter Who's Never Been to Cannes,

Dear Copywriter Who’s Never Been to Cannes,

This year will be my first trip to the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, and I’m wondering what clothes to pack. Are all the parties fancy, or can I get away with casual summer wear?


Dear Clothes,

At Cannes, people spend most of their time in swimming pools. So just bring a bathing suit. Or not. If you know what I mean. Heh heh. ;)


Dear Copywriter Who’s Never Been to Cannes,

I hear that a great way to meet the world’s best creative directors is to hang out at bars and buy them drinks. Which bar do you recommend to meet the most impressive people?

Shmoozin’ for a Bruisin’

Dear Shmoozin’

There’s a little pub called Le Trou Dans Le Wall with only two tiny tables. It’s right on the ocean, so if you fall over the railing, you’re swimming in the sea. The greatest creative directors in the world spend their entire Cannes trip standing at the bar, waiting for junior creatives to buy them drinks. I assume it’s because they can’t afford to buy themselves drinks or never get sent portfolios back home. Also, this pub is full of supermodels drawn to people who work in the advertising industry. You can tell them you own the biggest ad agency in Canada and they won’t know the difference. Then you can crash at their castle on the beach.


Dear Copywriter Who’s Never Been to Cannes,

I want to absorb as much as possible from the greatest minds in advertising. Do you suggest focusing more on the lectures or attending as many exhibits of award-winning ads as I can?

Eager to Learn

Dear Eager,

I’m not aware of any advertising-related events.


Josh Rachlis is a copywriter whose syndicated weekly advice column, ‘Ask A Copywriter Who’s Never Been To Cannes,’ appears in over 2,700 newspapers worldwide. His advice is based on 13 years of listening to other ad people talk about their trips to Cannes.