Lighter than air

A new floating ad medium is being embraced by everyone from Disney to the president of Dominica.

Flogos, or ‘flying logos,’ by Lexington, AL.-based Snowmasters, are ads that look – and float – just like clouds. They can drift anywhere from 100 to 20,000 feet above the ground.

Since they’re floating so high, images and logos are much more visible than words. Flogos’ clients include Microsoft the Atlanta Braves and Disney, which will unleash Mickey Mouse-shaped Flogos at its theme parks this summer.

Flogos president/inventor Francisco Guerra says the floating logos have even been used during a presidential election, to augment campaigning efforts by the incumbent president of Dominica, Nicholas Liverpool.

Flogos are commonly used by car dealerships to attract attention on weekends. Flogos can be launched at an average rate of six per minute, so curious onlookers could find the source by following the steady trail of launching Flogos.

Guerra says a savvy New York City entrepreneur has rented out several parking spaces in Manhattan to launch Flogos from. He’ll be charging advertisers $1,000/hour per machine – it’s all about location.

The Flogos are made of a proprietary soap-like formula and helium, making them actually lighter than air. Potential advertisers can send their logos to Flogos’ headquarters, where a stencil will be made. The stencils can then be used in Flogos-launching machines, which are rented out by local distributors Guerra says that Flogos machines will be available in Canada this summer, although at press time a final choice had not yet been made from a list of 12 potential Canadian distributors.