Insurance agents = shark food

Hate insurance companies? You're not alone.

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Hate insurance companies? You’re not alone.

Toronto-based insurance co Aviva Canada is playing with this insight in a campaign that speaks to the general public’s frustrations with the category. Cheeky print executions feature multiple choice questions like: ‘Dealing with insurance is a) Annoying b) a c) a.’

Two TV spots also have fun at the category’s expense. One features a boat tour guide encouraging his charges to jump in the water and swim with the ‘dolphins’ (sharks) upon finding out they all work in insurance.

‘There’s not a lot of love for insurance,’ says Steve Mykolyn, ECD at Taxi Canada, adding that they opted to do something different and bold to get noticed. ‘Aviva isn’t the new kid on the block, but from an awareness standpoint, it is.’

Aviva isn’t just having a laugh, though. It’s inviting consumers to provide feedback about how to make dealing with insurance companies less painful at ‘When you’re doing something that is a bit funny, you have to really touch on an insight,’ says Mykolyn.

The campaign is running in Ontario and Alberta.

advertiser: Judith Fairweather, VP brand marketing, Aviva Canada

agency: Taxi, Toronto

ECD: Steve Mykolyn

AD: Nathan Monteith

copywriter: Stefan Wegner

agency planner: Adam Collins

media agency: MindShare

media agency planner: Tom Skarratt

account manager: Emily Polson

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