Para goes glam

Does your paint match your shoes?

Does your paint match your shoes?

In a move to target fashion-forward 30- to 45-year-old women, Brampton, Ont.-based Para Paints is glamming up its image. Para has been running ads in mags like Fashion and Flare featuring a shoe or clutch dipped in paint, and this month it’s launching a new system that allows consumers to select hues based on their own lifestyle and fashion preferences.

In-store brochures emphasize images of stylish women wearing bold colours. The ‘gallons of style’ collection (which boasts 2,000 different colours) includes categories like ‘Night on the Town’ and ‘Escape to the Tropics.’

‘We’ve been focusing on a rebirth of the brand,’ says Johanna McLellan, assistant brand manager at Para. ‘Everything we do is focused on fashion…nobody else is addressing this part of the category.’

Para has been reinforcing its new image by sponsoring events like L’Oreal Fashion Week. Montreal agency Explosive Design helped craft its ads, brochures and POS.