Coca-Cola opens happiness

Coca-Cola's new worldwide, fully integrated marketing campaign developed by

Coca-Cola’s new worldwide, fully integrated marketing campaign developed by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam expands on the message of positivity and optimism expressed previously through its ‘Coke Side of Life’ effort. The brand’s new global positioning, ‘Open Happiness,’ invites all earthlings to take a second to welcome small moments of joy and happiness into their lives by popping the top of one of those famous contoured bottles, and extends throughout the brand’s advertising, as well as being deployed on everything from delivery trucks to merchandise.

‘Coca-Cola has always tried to express a refreshingly positive view of the world and ‘Open Happiness’ is an updated reflection of that perspective,’ says Maria Soler, director, Coke brands, Coca-Cola Canada. ‘It builds on the message of positivity and optimism, but has a more direct call-to-action.’

The creative is the same in both English Canada and Quebec as consumer research showed that it resonated well across the country, says Soler. It includes in-store advertising, a 15-second TV spot featuring a chilled bottle of Coke being poured into a glass and a surreal 30-second spot appearing on TV and in cinemas. It depicts a fatigued, thirsty gent scouring the streets of his small town in search of a refreshing Coca-Cola on a scorching hot day. Delusional, he begins to see the shape of Coke bottles everywhere – in car grills, in the shape of men’s ties, in fountains – until he eventually finds one and all becomes well in the universe.

The ‘Open Happiness’ global positioning will be integrated into all of Coca-Cola’s marketing going forward. That includes Canadian-specific advertising, which will tie in the upcoming Olympic Games in Vancouver, currently being developed by MacLaren McCann and Cossette. It’s set to roll out between now and the end of the year with multiple touch points.

‘Moving forward we’re really focusing on the Olympics, so we’re going to have a fully integrated campaign around the Olympic Games,’ explains Soler. ‘We’re definitely going to talk to consumers in that same voice, inviting them to open happiness.’

As well, Canadian Coke and music fans alike can look forward to the release of an ‘Open Happiness’ song as interpreted by Canadian artists, which will be integrated through most of Coca-Cola Canada’s marketing efforts. An American version featuring U.S. musicians like Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Cee-Lo Green and Grammy-nominated songstress Janelle Monáe, was released south of the border in March.