Keep the Olympic movement moving

Digital Cement brings us the Olympics all year round.

We challenged Digital Cement to keep the Olympics relevant between Games. They came up with a series of programs, not short campaigns, as the best way to keep the games top-of-mind for ordinary Canadians. Leveraging their expertise in social media, strategic insights, analytics and one-to-one marketing, Digital Cement proposed several revolutionary ideas to get and maintain Canadians’ attention.

Building the dream
Harnessing the popularity of social media and the influence of the Canadian Oprah, Dini Petty, Canadians will be asked to form online communities focused on pressuring the Juan de Fuca and Atlantic tectonic plates to accelerate their collision.
If all goes according to plan, this merger will create a new mountain range and more interest in some alpine events. Geologists and experts at Alpine Canada predict a handful of top 10 finishes in the millions of years ahead, thanks to this virtual nation-building exercise.

A welcome sight
By having Peter Mansbridge deliver The National in a Lycra speed-skating suit, not only will you hear his passion, you’ll actually see it. Bringing the spirit of the Olympics into millions of Canadian households on a nightly basis is a sure way to keep the flame fuelled for all the days between the Games.

Involuntary acts of kindness
The best way to get closer to the Games is to get closer to the athletes. To create direct relationships with our Olympians, the government will implement a mandatory Adopt a Canadian Athlete program. Lucky citizens selected to enjoy this legislation will welcome the athlete, not of their choice, into their homes for an undetermined amount of time. This national program, based on the highly popular jury duty platform, is sure to increase Olympic awareness, grocery bills and citizen-on-athlete sports massages.

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