Sleeman taps TAM-TAMTBWA

The agency is announced as the new creative AOR for the Sleeman Sapporo and Unibroue brands in Quebec.

Montreal-based TAM-TAMTBWA is set to serve up Sleeman Breweries’ advertising to Quebecers.

The agency was announced as the beerco’s creative AOR in the province for its Sleeman, Sapporo and Unibroue brands. Media activity for the brewer is currently being handled by Carat. TAM-TAM won the business on the basis of its understanding of the category and the brands, and did so without having to go through a pitch process.

‘The beer industry is a fantastic industry to be in,’ says Martin Sansregret, president, TAM-TAMTBWA. ‘The highly competitive nature of the category means that you constantly have to reinvent how you connect to consumers and that’s what our Disruption philosophy allows us to do.’