Granville Island Brewing knows the West Coast

The new campaign for Canada's oldest microbrewery pays tribute to activities for West Caosters in the know

Granville Island Brewing knows all about the West Coast Life, especially that it’s good to be there. That’s what it’s telling beer drinkers in its newest ad campaign.

Developed by Vancouver-based Wasserman + Partners, who also handled media, the microbrewery’s ‘Because We Know’ effort pays tribute to the many activities that are unique to the brewery’s neck of the woods, Vancouver, suggesting that enjoying one of its craft beers is a good way to cap them off.

‘Our goal with this new campaign is to own the Vancouver beer season in the hearts and minds of Vancouver beer drinkers,’ says Doug Devlin, marketing manager, Granville Island Brewing. ‘We hope to achieve this through full integration across all aspects of the Connection Plan including brand messaging, feature products, sponsorship activations, and social media.’

Wink-wink-nudge-nudge-themed creative spanning radio, transit ads, outdoor and in-bar activations executed by Newad Media present statements featuring references that many non-Westerners wouldn’t be familiar with – like ‘Because we know: The Grind isn’t a dirty dance move’ – followed by the campaign tagline. For those not in the know, the Grind refers to the Grouse Grind, a steep hiking trail that runs up Grouse Mountain.

Other activities featured in the campaign, which launched May 17, include yoga in Kitsilano, long-boarding along Commercial Drive and the game of ‘frolf,’ otherwise known as Frisbee golf. It will remain in market until the fall.