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Just in time for Cannes, we round up the best in Canadian promo and activation.

Ubisoft and Microsoft redefine virtual reality
Ubisoft Montreal and Microsoft Canada recently gave some Canadian videogame fanboys the ultimate experience: seeing life through the eyes of Splinter Cell’s bad-ass, NSA black-ops agent Sam Fisher.
To promote Splinter Cell: Conviction for the Xbox 360, Ubisoft and Microsoft joined forces with Mosaic Experiential Marketing in Toronto to create a contest that brought 40 gamers to Toronto’s Comic Con to take part in an adventure drawn from the gameplay. The prize: a trip to Ubisoft Montreal to play the game before its official release.
Following a briefing, the would-be agents embarked on their mission. Tasked with piecing together information to help thwart an assassination attempt, teams of two competed to emerge as the decisive heroes.
Armed only with a backpack containing some warm clothing, food and passes for Toronto’s public transit system, they took on challenges that saw them conducting a brutal interrogation in the basement of a seedy motel, eluding security and breaking into a building serving as a front for a criminal organization, stealthily surveying a drug-packing operation, and milking a dangerous informant for crucial information at a nightclub operated by the Russian mob.
The race concluded with an intricate jailbreak sequence sparked by an all-out prison riot, including full-scale pyrotechnics. The first team to solve a puzzle by gathering info from the cells of violent criminals with ties to the organization behind the assassination attempt were broken out of jail and escorted to a waiting helicopter. This kind of promo clearly brings new meaning to the term “virtual reality.”

Robin Hood bakes, batters and rolls
Do-it-yourself projects are all the rage these days, so to celebrate its 100th birthday, flour brand Robin Hood figured that it would share the DIY disposition with Canadian baking enthusiasts by opening up a pop-up bake shop.
In November it invited moms and kids to satisfy their sweet tooth with an interactive retail experience called “Bake, Batter and Roll.” The idea was cooked up in collaboration with Toronto-based Ogilvy & Mather, Mindshare and Maverick PR, and executed by OgilvyAction.
For the entire month, a storefront was open for baking business in downtown Toronto, its walls adorned with icing-covered confections, with a table shaped like a giant pink rolling pin serving as the main hub. Patrons of the pop-up patisserie were able to choose from six different recipes to bake and decorate on site, and then take home to enjoy.
In Western Canada, Robin Hood baked, battered and rolled on the road with mobile stations that popped up at shopping centres in Calgary, Edmonton and Richmond, B.C. continued the experience at home with a recipe wall and a Bakery Boutique featuring activities and tools for family baking. That’s what we call DIY-licious.

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