James Ready gives back

The beer co finds a second innovative use for billboards: giant coupons.

James Ready sure likes billboards. It recently launched a campaign with a second innovative use for them: to help customers save some beer money.
In April, it partnered with businesses in Windsor and, with the help of Toronto’s Leo Burnett, set up billboard coupons to help Windsorites save money on food, dry cleaning and grooming, so it could be better spent on James Ready beer.
“The goal was to promote James Ready’s low price point, while speaking to Windsor consumers at a local level,” says Deanna Kaminskyj, brand manager, James Ready Brewing. “Building on the success of ‘Share our Billboard,’ our current campaign promotes [the businesses’] services in a way characteristic to James Ready’s personality.” All people have to do to redeem the coupon is take a picture of the billboard.
The billboards aren’t the only way the brand has been giving back to those who helped to keep its price low. Abetted by Leo Burnett, it’s been granting the wishes of some lucky James Ready drinkers who wrote in over the past year. It helped a couple get married in May, James Ready-style (the groom had James Ready beer caps for cufflinks…need we say more?), designed a James Ready superhero Halloween costume for one fellow, flew another to Newfoundland for an overdue family Christmas visit and sent a care package to a young man battling cancer.