Greg’s Ice Cream spreads happiness during G20 blues

The Toronto-based creamery spreads a little happiness by treating Torontonians with free ice cream samples.

Torontonians are feeling a little hot under the collar because of chaos surrounding the G20 (not to mention hot summer temperatures and the odd 5.5 earthquake). So, Greg’s Ice Cream figured it would help them cool off with some light-hearted marketing.

With the help of Toronto-based Organic, the Toronto creamery will be handing out over 2,000 samples of its ice cream right in the heart of the G20 Summit ruckus. It’s hoping that free handouts will help spread some happiness and goodwill in a city losing patience with being on lockdown.

‘This project is to launch Greg’s Ice Cream as the happiest ice cream in the world and that’s really the core concept for the Greg’s brand,’ says Anthony Wolch, executive CD, Organic. ‘We worked really closely with Greg to come up with a campaign that would essentially take that notion of spreading happiness and put it on steroids.’

In that vein, Greg’s will be filming the reactions of ice cream recipients to create a viral video that will help promote the brand online via a website set to launch on Saturday. Boisterous, inspiring brand ambassadors will be on hand during the giveaway to help illicit a few chuckles from Torontonians while they’re on film.

The website, says Wolch, will serve as a happiness aggregator. It will also feature a short, humorous video on Greg’s founder Greg Mahon, the top 50 funniest videos on YouTube and a happiness randomizer that, with the push of a button, provides 1,001 different ways to make your day happier. The giveaway and the launch of the website will be the first in a series of promotional activities that will help Greg’s to get into the digital sphere.