Fall TV 2010

What's hot and what's not? We take our annual look at the nets' new shows, with feedback from media buyers.

It’s not a dial war anymore, it’s an all-out battle fought on many fronts.

Once again, the mediascape faces change – in ownership, in viewership and no doubt in ad impact.

The masses still love their MTV (and CTV, and Global, and CBC, and City, etc.), but they’re getting this content
– and more – when and where they want; and as the record industry proved, consumer-led consumption shifts can leave biz models broken. This will be a crucial year for the media industry to get the mix right.

While a few more pre-roll spots in rotation on the new and improved online players would be a nice sign, there’s lots of good momentum signaling the industry is adapting. Changes to Cancon funding are triggering more non-TV platforms for Canuck entertainment properties – so there’s more options for the transmedia natives in the audience – and advertisers are increasingly seeking closer ties to content, both online and on air, so there are ways to monetize them as well.

Read on to find out whose multimedia battle plan best positioned them for integrated success, and whose 2010 programming strategy looks the savviest…

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