McDonald’s pumps up Quarter Pounder

The QSR promotes a new limited-time deluxe version of the burger with a campaign in the Western and Atlantic regions that focuses on its love of making things better.

McDonald’s has decided to rebuild one of its longtime stalwarts, the Quarter Pounder, making it better, faster, stronger and tastier. They have the technology. Behold, the Quarter Pounder Deluxe.
Lettuce, tomato and bacon are the enhancements featured in the new ‘bionic’ version of the infamous QP burger, but the jury’s still out on how it will be received. That’s why it’s undergoing month-long POS testing in the Western and Atlantic regions – promoted through a campaign developed by Cossette in Vancouver, which launched in August – before McDonald’s determines whether it will go national.
‘As the tagline says, ‘we love making things better,’ and this was an opportunity for us to put a new twist on an old favourite,’ says Gavin Stafford, senior marketing manager, Western Canada, McDonald’s.
The creative illustrates, through colourful displays of one-upsmanship, that the QPD was inspired by McDonald’s desire to constantly improve upon its offerings. A TV spot, for example, features characters of increasing flamboyance – from Joe Office Worker in the lunchroom to Zeus, king of the Greek gods, sitting amongst the clouds – implying that they’re better suited to tell people about the QSR’s newest offering.
‘People are loyal to the Quarter Pounder,’ says Mike Felix, copywriter, Cossette West. ‘They don’t want it tampered with. We needed to say that it was better so they’d even try it in the first place.’
Banner, print, radio, OOH and transit ads are all part of the media mix, which was handled by OMD, and tricked-out Quarter Pounder boxes, outfitted with mini sound systems and a custom track, were sent to radio DJs. McDonald’s is also testing two other new burgers, the Smokehouse Deluxe in Ontario and the Angus Third Pounder in Quebec. All three burgers will be available until Sept. 6.

agency: Cossette Vancouver
CDs: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
AD: Bart Batchelor
copywriter: Mike Felix
producer: Mike Hasinoff
directors: The Perlorian Brothers
VFX: Dashing Collective
sound: Vapor Music