Scouts go back to nature

A five-year national campaign by new AOR Target explores the adventures kids can have by getting outside and getting dirty.

Kids learn a lot online these days, but there are some things that just can’t be googled. That’s where Scouts Canada comes in.
A new five-year national campaign rolls out this month, helmed by St. John’s-based Target (which won its Scouting AOR badge this spring). The ads illustrate the discoveries kids can make and the adventures they can have by simply getting outside and getting a little dirty. 
“The strategy is really about showing kids and parents how relevant Scouts is in today’s society,” says Jenny Smith, creative group head, Target. “It’s about getting back to the important things in life: nature, the outdoors, healthy living, having tangible adventures, and the positive influences these experiences can have on a boy or girl now and later on in life.”
The first round of creative includes posters, postcards and flyers targeted to schools and community organizations across the country that bring to mind the kinds of wonder-filled exploits kids can have Scouting. Taglines such as “Try finding this on a search engine” complement images of a lone tent set against a wilderness backdrop. Underneath the Scouts Canada logo is the simple statement: “It starts with Scouts.” 
Though initially targeting parents, Smith says the plan is to meet kids on their playing field with a digital push.