PR agencies join to form The Global Partnership

Toronto-based Arts & Communications is the only Canadian agency to join the new PR global association.

Arts & Communications has joined a group of independent public relations agencies around the world that have united, and with their powers combined they are The Global Partnership.

The Toronto-based PR shop was the only Canadian agency to join the new global association, which includes 10 agencies worldwide, spanning the UK, North America, Brazil, Europe, the Far East and Australia.

‘To be able to cast a global net, while maintaining local market expertise is a requirement to stay competitive in our industry, and an expectation from several of our clients,’ said Charlene Lo, VP, PR, Arts & Communications, in a release.

The agencies involved in the group, which was conceived by Angela Oakes, managing director, London-based Treehouse PR, all have experience working together informally on cross-country client business.

‘As major international brands become more global in their marketing activity, it is vital that communication is consistent in different markets,’ said Oakes in a release. ‘The Global Partnership has the ability to see the bigger picture, while translating this into strategic and effective PR in the local marketplace.’