Campbell’s keeps cooking gets a boost via a new Canadian TV campaign, while Campbell's US advertising goes a completely different direction.

Campbell’s is reminding Canadians to break out the can opener and keep cooking with soup. Its newest TV spot, launching this month, is a humorous look at a family that speaks in a language comprised of URLs from the Cook with Campbell’s website. Developed by BBDO Toronto, it drives families looking for cost-effective but nourishing meal options to 
It’s the latest in a flurry of activity that’s bolstered the Cook with Campbell’s program. Launched with print back in 2006, it’s grown to include TV and a predominantly digital presence, adding the website in January 2009, a YouTube channel in January 2010, a mobile site and social networking capabilities and a smart phone app released in March. And, last month, Campbell’s became the first CPG co in Canada to provide web accessibility to those with special needs through a partnership with Toronto-based Essential Accessibility.
It’s a different direction from the U.S., where Campbell’s borrowed the vocal talents of funnyman Tim Allen to launch a campaign touting taste, nutritional benefits and the emotional result: arriving at a happy place. Mark Childs, VP, marketing, Campbell Company of Canada, says it’s a matter of what works here.“Both the Canadian campaigns, ‘Cook with Campbell’s’ and the ‘Rediscover Campbell’s’ ad [featuring Hilton], have proven to break through, engage Canadian consumers and drive our business,” he says. “Our opportunity here is to build the ideas rather than introducing the new campaign.” Speaking of Hilton, everyone’s favourite salt-contemplating Campbell’s employee, we can expect to see more of him and his sodium reduction efforts in November.