Wiserhood bows virtual clubhouse

The club of the slow clap welcomes members, old and new, with a Facebook campaign.

Wiser’s is again welcoming members, old and new, to the club of the slow clap, with a new campaign promoting the Wiserhood.
“Welcome (back) to The Wiserhood,” developed by Toronto-based John St., draws on the success of the Corby Distilleries whiskey brand’s last TV campaign. The spots introduced Canadians to a group of men who are rewarded for leading uncompromising lives by initiation into the Wiserhood and a chorus of slow claps. Launched in 2008, the campaign resulted in a 4% increase in dollar sales when the category was seeing a 2.3% decline.
This time around, Wiser’s is using online, via a brand new Wiserhood Facebook page, to provide guys with a clubhouse of sorts, and the benefits and privileges they’d expect from a real membership.
“Now, having a bigger Facebook presence, there will be an ongoing dialogue,” says Stephen Jurisic, co-CD, John St. 
Online videos that feature a familiar moustache-sporting member of the club who doles out words of Wiserhood wisdom are exclusive to the Facebook page, from which members can also access a Wiserhood Official-Looking Handbook. There’s also a slow clap app, which allows visitors to craft a video featuring the Wiserhood members, to post on a friend’s wall.
The media buy, which was handled by Carat, also includes video web banners, pre-roll ads, on-premise materials and two TV spots.