Mr. Lube is a homewrecker

A new spot by Rethink in Vancouver encourages consumers to break up with their dealers.

Mr. Lube knows that breaking up is hard to do, but it thinks Canadians should walk away from clingy relationships with appointment-demanding dealerships.
It’s the focus of a new spot for the car services company, developed by Rethink in Vancouver, that’s taking a more direct approach in touting its services versus the other guys. As a dealer reads a “Dear John” letter from a former customer, viewers are treated to snapshots from their relationship, from its idealistic beginning to its dramatic end, where the customer leaves the anguished dealer – who boasts a mighty lavish pelt of chest hair – in favour of Mr. Lube, who doesn’t demand appointments from her.
 “Since we first began working on Mr. Lube a few years ago, the strategy has always been to counter the message car dealers give to their customers: ‘bring your car back to us for everything,’” says Rob Tarry, group CD, Rethink Vancouver. “After a few years of a comedy/dialogue approach set in a fictitious dealership, we thought we’d focus the TV a bit more and come right out and say it: ‘break up with your dealer.’”
The campaign also includes radio, which continues to feature a service manager from Massive Motors hounding a customer to come in; print and OOH keeping to the graphic “checklist” headline approach; and a refreshed, more dynamic and direct website. A second commercial, set to launch in March, will up Mr. Lube’s aggro quotient and take on the dealers in an even more direct way, says Tarry.

agency: Rethink Vancouver
client: Mr. Lube
creative directors: Chris Staples, Ian Grais, Rob Tarry
writer: Rob Tarry
art director: Carson Ting
director: Eric Yealland